Week # 3 – Change from Within

This week the ol’ Blueprint is being stubborn, I heard someone say this week would break some people, well it ain’t gonna be me, starting from within my thinking  is changing, the repetition is having a positive effect, and it is like my old self is fighting the change, even my computer conspired against me, two days and 3 techies, all is working again.

So the cards come into play big time this week, ‘do it now’ has become my mantra, I’ve got more do around here in the last week than I had in the last 6 months. Eliminating the ‘w’ word from the reading of the scroll is working..

More work on my DMP this week, it is definitely a work in progress, PPN’s and now S.M.A.R.T. not to mention writing the movie trailer on such a small card, no using a 4 x 6 , lol, I should use a pencil ….Wax on, wax off… Sand the floor, paint the fence.. The law of dual thought, linking, blue box, red dot …

The change takes place within, whereas in the beginning of each function of life and each action is the result of conscious thought, the habitual actions become automatic and the thought that controls them passes into the realm of the subconscious; yet it is just as intelligent as before. The 5 p’s. Now let’s go have a ‘sit’

I always keep my promise


6 thoughts on “Week # 3 – Change from Within

  1. Hello, You doing just great work. I like your posting. You’re very honest in expressions. Well some work related to the soul and some practical like fence or floor. I have a pleasure to follow your blogs and learn how you doing. Marian


  2. You are really doing a lot of work here to make this happen for you! Fantastic, just fantastic! I love that you said there is more to do in one week than in the last 6 months- imagine what you are creating now! You jumped on a faster train. So awesome!


  3. Nice blog Marty!
    It’s all in your head;-) You don’t have to carry this old Blueprint anymore, instead you can become The best friend with yorself and then nothing can ever stop you! You can do it, you are powerful, just need to realize your true Being! Take care and keep doing the great work! Love to ya!


  4. Way to keep going in the face of adversity. I too had computer problems, (total crash though)
    and the old way of doing things just reaches up and grabs you by the throat. Keep showing up for the battle” keep doing the drill the mkmma way” I say to my self
    good job marty


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