Week # 4 – ‘Amid all the Mysteries’

The habits are taking hold, when stuck ‘do it now’ gets me moving, I have said this maybe over a hundred times a day. This week was the 100% week… That ugly ‘P’ word kept wanting to rear up, and eliminating the ‘W’ word, is like learning a new vocabulary, or a new way to express myself.. So… blogging, writing a journal, on line, in fact this blog is still a new experience for me and I am creating another habit, that is replacing a bad habit (Facebook).

This week ‘the sit’ was different, it was relaxation, the bad part for me was I over relaxed and fell asleep, oops, that wasn’t suppose to happen, the good thing is the more we practice a thing the better we get, and I’m training the brain to think different, yeah, linking, the boxes are starting to make sense to me, ‘the law of dual thought’ , colors, shapes, smell the roses, actually four o’clock s , The law of ‘giving and receiving’ works.. a joyful giver, a grateful receiver. and again the mind that never sleeps works in mysterious ways as I form the Habit ‘I can be what I will to be’

The world within, is it such a secret place? The world within is controlled by the ‘I’ and the ‘I’ is controlled by the Infinite, “Know ye that you are the temple of the living God” is this the secret to the “World Within”



4 thoughts on “Week # 4 – ‘Amid all the Mysteries’

  1. I enjoyed your blog this week–also had a little trouble just sitting. It’s hard to keep my mind from wandering but the result will be exactly in proportion to the effort expended. But by the end of the week I have been able to do this. I can be what I will to be so I am putting forth a real effort to sit quietly so I can control myself and find the world within. I loved the giving and receiving cards. It is a blessing to be grateful givers and receivers. Peace to your journey.


  2. Thanks for sharing:-) Very cool that you were falling asleep! Really relaxed and calm, now it is only 1 thing left to that- stay aware/awake, but stil relax the body exactly the way you did:-) Love to ya!


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