Week # 8 – The Battleship Diet

This week has been just awesome, eliminating time vampires (the TV) was easy as there is no real content  there, and great progress on the 7 day diet, although I have not strung 7 days together yet, I’m getting close.


Combined with the ‘Man in the Mirror’ is my new friend and is he awesome !!!


And now I’m trying to visualize a Battleship from start to finish, well over several sits I have hit a temporary plateau, battleships can be tough, but she is coming together quite nice and the Navy will be proud…

With all that we are doing in the MKMMA it is coming together, I can feel it, my subby feels it, the blue print is changing, what will week nine bring ? I am excited !



8 thoughts on “Week # 8 – The Battleship Diet

  1. I love that you chose a baby for the Man in the Mirror concept. It made me think- if everyone could go back and feel as fresh and hopeful, accepting, and forgiving and love ourselves like a baby does, with no judgments and no preconceived notions of what “lovable” is- just imagine how new we would feel!! “Be like a little child”. Thank you!!!


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