Week # 10

persistence     Reading scroll 3, I am learning the power of persistence, the link to ‘do it now’ and ‘I can be what I will to be’ the symbols that I have plastered all over the house, garage and the car, not to mention also as a bookmark, persistently reading my DMP and Blue Print Builder along with the cards, I will persist until I succeed !!! This is a short but powerful scroll, I am glad that the new habits formed from scroll 1 and 2 add impact to this scroll, also I have found that all the ways we have been using to learn are kicking in and there is a battle going on within. I will persist, I will win !!! Haanel 9-34 ‘Every success has been accomplished by persistent concentration upon the object in view’

The affirmations that I have learned through the MKMMA course are so powerful (statement, maybe opinion ?) I find myself using them all the time, that’s a good thing, working in great with the 7 laws. and the 7 day mental diet, also this past week I’ve become really aware of the law of growth and how it applies to my ability to use my imagination and visualization, for years and I mean many years, I used neither one, often or frequently, after just 10 weeks there has been massive improvement .. Which brings me to the ‘Law of Abundance’  I have read Part 10 over and over again and again because I’m that guy who had no definite knowledge of cause and effect, I was governed by feeling and emotions, I am determined to have a through understanding of the thought contained in Part 10…

the master key



6 thoughts on “Week # 10

  1. Marty my buddy, you are the cause by doing the assignments. The Effect will be your success. And the affect will be earth shattering.


  2. Awesome Marty, Great observation on how all these techniques are coming together. Its nice to see old dogs like you and I can learn new tricks. I look forward to the day in the near future where we can all take off the cement straight jacket we have lived and live like we were always designed to live.
    Look forward to your next post
    Be Well Be Blessed
    My friend


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