Week # 13 The Magical Number

The half way point, wow, it is on and crackin’ now… The big Christmas get together with the family, not getting caught up, being the observer, no opinions (at least from me) and staying positive, in silence and to myself I say ‘I love You’ . Oh, by the way what’s that compass for ? Living by progress ! What?  Now that got some looks (smile) and my Master Key partners keeping me on point..


It is also important to note the number thirteen is a prime number and is only divisible by itself. This is symbolic of:

Incorruptible nature

at this point in The Master Key System , ‘Increase in me that wisdom Which discovers my true interest, Strengthen my resolution To perform that which wisdom dictates’

We are to watch a movie, there are four to choose from , one not on the list that I am looking forward to seeing is ‘Finding Joe’

May all your days be blessed …


9 thoughts on “Week # 13 The Magical Number

  1. Good Stuff Marty! Sounds like your really doing the d___ thing! I love how you didn’t let Christmas and family keep you from fulfilling your obligations to your MKMMA! Wish I can say that it happened that way for me! Keep it up! Your inspiring me!


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