Week 17 HJ – The HJ says it all


So what am I pretending not to know? That is quite a question, one that is asked many times a day now, and I’ll soon get the answer… I have also given myself permission … Now that I have got permission it is time to really jump into the unknown, kinda like going to Las Vegas and being one of the first people to get on the ‘Big Shot’ 110 stories up in the air, barely strapped in on this tiny seat and suddenly getting shot like a rocket up another 10 stories, just to hang there weightless for a few seconds and look out over the desert before being dropped back down. I didn’t have a clue what to expect then, but I have an idea what to expect now with the Master Key Master Mind Alliance, and thank all of you for hanging in this, for this journey of discovery. The hero’s journey week 17 was also a real kick in the pants to get back on track for all my problems, discouragements, and heartaches are in truth, great opportunities in disguise.

Until next week, peace, love and happiness to all…


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