Week 20 – On the Road Again

on the roadI am grateful to be back on line to make this post, the emotions of fear and anger kicked in last night as suddenly I was unable to log in and received a message that a remote firewall was blocking my access, and that I would need to reconfigure port 80 to have access, I feared my computer had been hacked and I thought port 80 was in Long Beach, what did that have to do with my computer, maybe it was the NSA, now that could get a person mad.. So I decided that the best choice for me was to ‘sit’ and the answer would come, and after about 20 minutes the answer did come, it arrived in silence, a voice from the ether said “call technical support”. (I did and a lady from India named Debbie was able to access my computer and remotely repair the problem ..I still don’t know where the TCP port 80 is located)  Of all the mysteries.. So here I am, in this week I or should I say we were exposed to a lot of stuff, again Mark J reached out to us with the ‘fox and the hedgehog’ which worked to reel in my ‘monkey mind’ and Haanel enlightens us with the ‘keys to the kingdom’ and confirms  that ‘kingdom of heaven’ is within us

Then I read the statement that ‘ In him we live and move and have our being’ a very powerful statement some would attribute to Paul in Acts of the Apostles, but i believe actually goes back to about 600 bc , they had Master Minds back then to..imagine that, so now for the Silence so that I, like Elijah can hear his voice …

Stay tuned for the adventures of week 21


6 thoughts on “Week 20 – On the Road Again

  1. Hi Marty; Is this Alliance a RIDE or what? Emotions of all sorts firing off left and right, up and down. The sit is great though. Sometimes you get those huge breakthroughs and other times the calm and quiet just makes my head stop spinning and hurting. So many of us talk about being changed, but I don’t think we change as much as we get reconnected to our future selves which is really our original and authentic self without the freaking concrete! Our lives and choices change and we reconnect with reality. Like polishing the silverware and being blown away at how bright and shiny it still is.
    Remember when we were kids and would spin ourselves dizzy and fall down laughing hysterically? We had today and no yesterday or tomorrow. The more things change the more they stay the same and there is nothing as sure as change. DIZZY YET? Keep smiling and hang on tight I have a strong feeling there aren’t finished blowing our minds yet at all.


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