Week 21 – Becoming Free

This week has been about becoming free, about the consciousness of power. and emotions triggering action , anger, hurt feelings, hate, unworthiness expanding our comfort zone. Well my comfort zone is going to have to do a lot of expanding right now as its Friday night my my heater will not come on, and we are looking at 4 days of bad weather coming on, yeah anger, but I am not going to stop, I greeted this day with love in heart and that’s how I will end it, I am persistent, and I believe in miracles, I am a miracle, in fact natures greatest miracle, and I’ve lived this day as if it could be my last, and when I rise tomorrow I will fall on my knees and give thanks and continue on The Hero’s Journey.

I really liked Haanel this week, and shared the Master Key System with one of my clients this week, as it turned out he is also a fan of Joseph Campbell, could it be the Law of Attraction that brought us together, I believe in miracles, and the Universal Mind, we spoke of the ‘Force’ and may it be with you …



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