Week 22 – Of Priceless Value

As we entered into the new month, the month of March and our 22 week in the Master Key Master Mind Alliance, we began a new scroll in ‘The Greatest Salesman’. This scroll is about mastering our emotions, a subject we had been exploring for the past couple of weeks, also in week 21, Haanel instructs us to concentrate on Truth, followed this past week, on applying knowledge,. This has been an amazing progression, not only an eye opener for me but has challenged me to become a master of my emotions, to be the observer, more insightful, to apply this knowledge and to also apply it in Silence. ‘The Sit’ has has taken on a new perspective. I have a much deeper understanding of ‘The Law of Relaxation’.

I also learned that by applying knowledge that I can be what is wish to be, That by using the power within, and its influence over my body I can achieve the desired affects that I wish,knowledge is of priceless value …


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