Week 24 – The Final Lesson or the Beginning

This lesson may be the last but it is really the beginning, I have learned so much in the last 26 weeks in the Master Key Master Mind Alliance, the friends I’ve met and Master Minded with is beyond words, it is truly a program of discovery, it is work, and being true to yourself, I strongly encourage anyone who wants to grow to take this course and keep your promises, and read the guy or the gal in the mirror everyday, always remembering the 7 laws, give no opinions, and no negativity allowed…. There is gold under that cement, and the Truth will set you free… Here is the sign I got from Grant Cardone

no negativity

This is in my living room, you can imagine the conversations …

Temples have their sacred images, and we see what influence they have always had over a great part of mankind; but in truth, the ideas and images in men’s minds are the invisible powers that constantly govern them; and to these they all pay universally a ready submission.     * Jonathan Edwards

May the Force be with you


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