week 25 – the Journey continues

adventureLiving by the compass and not the clock, its all about the direction and not the time, after 24 weeks of learning new habits and becoming self directed the Hero’s journey continues , grateful for all I have, the encounters of everyday life, the people I meet and being of service.

Now I am reading a chapter a day in the Master Key System, and a very interesting thing happened to me the other day  on my smart phone, I got a notification from a chapter a day, and I said to myself whats that ? Well it’s from Kindle, yeah,  and I just so happen to have the Master Key System on my Kindle for android, imagine that… How very convenient..

Now it is taking the Franklin Makeover and applying it to Wooden’s  pyramid of success..2010-pyramidofsuccessx800This should keep me busy being the observer, and not voicing any opinions  ….Also continuing with (The Seven Day Mental Diet) of not entertaining any negative thoughts. Wishing everyone a great week.


2 thoughts on “week 25 – the Journey continues

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